• My customers are complaining and starting to leave!
  • I can’t afford this right now!
  • I need someone who knows what they’re doing!

As business owners ourselves, we know what happens when customers are not comfortable. We know that keeping overhead low is vital, and we know that you don’t want someone in your place of business that doesn’t know what they’re doing. We train our technicians to fill in the gaps to make sure they know how to handle commercial systems which often are only glazed over in tech school. We keep our costs low, and have a quick response time so you can get back to business quickly.

We offer all types of contracts that can be custom designed to suit your company’s needs. Everything from once or twice yearly system cleanings to full coverage contracts that cover almost everything inclusively! We now include 1 afterhours service call per 6 month period at the regular labor rate! We also offer the option to add filters to your contract at our cost! Call today to speak to our service advisors to begin the process of getting a quote for your company!

What do our Commercial Clients say?

“I wish I had found LA Air Systems before I spent over $2000 on an air compressor for my investment property that I now know I did not need! The repairman at the other company had to come out 3 more times to repair the a/c after he replaced the compressor, which tells me he really wasn't fixing the problem! By the 4th time I needed the a/c repaired, I had met Brandi with LA Air Systems! They came out and truly fixed the problem as I have not had a problem with it since! It is nice to know that I have someone to call and send my clients to that I have all the confidence in the world in! Thank you LA Air Systems!” – Sherri Caro, Tiger Town Realty

“I wouldn’t use anybody but Louisiana Air Systems for my properties! They are always there when I need them, and they do an incredible job!” – Ben Johnson, Latter & Blum Property Mangement.

“I told Brandi with Louisiana Air Systems that my newest store’s AC system had a funny smell, and they were at my store fixing it before I had even returned from my meeting with her!” “I used Louisiana Air Systems to clean one of my stores’ systems. After they cleaned it, the next month’s energy bill was $100 cheaper!” – Trevor Obilisundar, UPS Stores on Bluebonnet, O’Neal, and Jefferson Hwy.

“I called Louisiana Air Systems on a Friday because my office was hot, and they were there 15 minutes later, before I even got there!” – Ken Ebert, Tax Professional.

“Louisiana Air Systems is Johnny-on-the-spot for the properties I manage and my personal home. Doug, the service manager, is very knowledgeable and respectful.” – Cathy Craddock, Tiger Town Realty.