• Our equipment is going to start malfunctioning if we donít cool things down!
  • This is an emergency!
  • We need someone with the right certifications and experience!

We were originally a mechanical contractor and, among other things, installed large industrial chillers and the piping that goes with it! While we can no longer do new construction, we can handle change-outs, service, and maintenance on all industrial applications! We are available 24/7, our techs have their TWIC cards and are very familiar with security measures in place at plants such as extensive background checks, fingerprinting, and keeping ID cards. Since we are a commercial and industrial specialist, we are very familiar with the equipment as well as its growth and change through history! We are proud to have helped build Baton Rouge, and we enjoy maintaining it!

We also offer maintenance and full coverage contracts of all types and designs for all sizes of industry! Call today to have us customize a contract and quote it for you!

For security reasons our industrial customers declined to allow us to refer to them as a customer, which we completely understand and respect!

  • All-in-ones, ductless systems, and Spot Coolers
  • Mini-Split systems (All sizes, makes, and models)
  • Split systems (All sizes, makes, and models
  • Chill Water Systems (All sizes, makes, and models)
  • Boilers (All sizes, makes, and models)
  • Refrigeration (All sizes, makes, models, and applications)
  • Ventilation (All sizes, makes, models, and applications)
  • Energy Management Systems (All Types)
  • Internet Management Systems (All Types)
  • UV Light technology (All Types)
  • New Construction, by bid or quote.
  • Maintenance, including Full Contracts and Energy Savings Agreements.
  • Service, including after-hours.
  • Change-outs, on existing infrastructure.

Important and Helpful Links


The EPAís web site which contains information on issues pertaining to our industry and which affect your life!


Energy Star is a government backed program that has a lot of tips and how-toís to help homeowners and business owners save money.

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